Friday, December 25, 2009

A lonely christmas tdy.. yea.. only getting wishes nia.. Thx Hueiyin mei, Jonas, ShuYing, Cherie, Junjie, Des, Jiayun, Tricia, Jezlyn Mei, Huisi, Fion Nuer , Cheryl Nuer, Huileng Sister.. I tink tat all la.. some alr in overseas liao.. yea.. nth to much update oso.. every year is a lonely christmas n i dun even intend to count down le..

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

nth to post.. jux feel tired now!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Starting of tis week, my expense is getting more intense liao.. Really.. Tdy not really much la.. jux reach home in the morning den aft tat, jiu rest awhile jiu go Beach road buy stuff le.. wth la.. I spent almost plus food is lik going 100 bucks le.. coz need return n save at the same time la.. is like spenting more rather saving lo.. wth la.. Is boring oso la.. jux watch finish the where got ghost lo.. i noe is abit very old liao. but i haven watch.. i not even have the time to watch too .. hahax. anw, nth to say oso.. somemore i lazy liao.. hahx.. nth much to say.. chaoz..

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Now now at chalet..using lishan laptop now,.hahax.. they alr going to slp for me,garang lo.. no need to slp wan.. hahax.. boring wan lei.. sure takea lot of fotos oso.. During afternoon meet jas lo..went to ION den go buy river island wallet.. wish cost $57.. haax.. den go heeren buy my shirt which cost 30 bucks+.. hahax.. so happy la.. now at chalet le.. nth will be upload le.. haha.. so yea.. n JONAS IS A BIG SUCKER!!

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

LOL!! purchase someting.. let c..

1. Milo + Tibits = $6
2. Toothbrush/pepsi = $1.40
3. Green Tea - $1.50
4. Old Chang Kee - $2.10

Nowadays, need to save liao.. hahax.. less go out.. anw, i tink nxt month is 700 plus lo.. hahax.. n i get IPPT SILVER.. hahax.. shiok shiok.. Thumbs UP!! aha.. saving in progress too.. nth much n tmr having live firing. so yea.. cya.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Expense tis week. hahax

Sat, 24 Oct 2009

1. Toothpaste - $0.60
2. Powder - $1.05
3. Notebook - $0.90
4. Can Drink - $0.60
5. Swimming - $0.70
6. Sakae - $17
7. Top Up - $10
8. Shampoo - $1.80
9. Teenage - $3
10. Blue Tape/ holder - $2
11. Chicken Rice / Kuay Tiao - $4.60
12. Carlsberg - $2.80
13. 2 lemon tea can drink - $1.60

As for today ,

1. Printer ink - $27.50
2. Hp bill - $40.05

Wow.. spenting so much menx.. sian.. no $$ agn.. sure wun go out wan,. stay at home rot de.. Wait wait for nxt pay come. i heard will be 700 plus.. so find it truth or not lo.. hahax.. c how.. Keep spenting n saving now.. good good!! hahax.. so yea.. tink twice for spenting..

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hi ppl.. Back to blog now.. ytd book out at WEST COAST PARK!! Hmm.. aft tat go eat mac wif terence, clarence, Kenneth, Johann, Zi Sheng.. Aft tat, Leroy n his fwen come oso.. den sat down eat n tok lo.. Change Civilian clothing to go home.. Aft tat, took bus 195 back to clementi mrt stn.. den aft tat, took quite long journey to Yishun den go NTUC buy stuff lo. hahax.. Ytd Spent quite a few.. Here the list:

1. Milo - $2.35
2. Milk - $1.75
3. Mac - $10
4. Mineral Water - $0.65
5. Soft Drink - $1.60


Early wake up.. den on com lo.. watch some anime den go out liao.. !st place go Ah ma hse for lunch den aft tat went to clar at Queentown.. Aft meeting him, went to shop for clothing lo.. nth liao.. den go Bugis.. As Usual, i hate crowded place wan... Which is damn irritating wan.. coz need squeeze here n dere. Go bugis street walk n shop lo.. Den brought someting. hahax. HEre it goes..

1. Cap - $10
2. Friendship band - $1
3. Milk Tea - $2.25
4. Sweet - $1.60
5. Dinner - $5.75
6. Facial / DeO body Spray - $13.10
7. Top Up - $10

Well.. Spent like water agn.. But sometings need it wan la.. hahax.. den aft tat, take bus 851 home lo.. Took ard like 45 mins.. On my way home, Saw so many couple in front of me la.. I was like.. look outside the window n listen mp3 lo.. It was like so many ppl board the bus la.. n saw ard like 5 chio bu lo.. hahax.. den aft tat, take 806 lo.. So like tat lo.. Nth much la. .coz too bored le.. Really will stay at home for sure le.. coz i book in mon night.. Hmm.. Aft tat, chat awhile n off liao.. so yea.. nth much tdy jux too many ppl liao.. cya..

FYI, PS tat always blog wif no fotos taken is because nth to take oso.. Always nth wan.. so yea.. try ba.. i oso long time bo update fotos le.. when times come den say ba..

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